Network Support

Network Management Services provide complete support for the management and support processes for Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN). Services are provided either on-site or remotely from a Pune facility such as a network operations center (NOC).

Network Management Services include the following, for example:

Network Architecture:
– Firewalls, routers and switches
– Server Network Interface Card (NIC) Teaming (High Availability Architecture)
– Load Balancers and Intrusion Detection Systems
– WAN/LAN Integration and Storage Area Networks (SAN)
– Telco Services, including Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Network Operations:
– Monitoring, alerting and reporting
– IOS and Firmware Patch Management
– Troubleshooting and Problem Resolution
– Skilled Staff with Multiple Industry Networking and Cyber Certifications
– Network Utilization Capacity Management
– Connectivity troubleshooting and monitoring
– Performance and availability management, including eliminating bottlenecks
– Pro-active preventive management and highly efficient reactive capabilities for unexpected repair problems
– Rigorous change and configuration management, including auto-discovery process and performance thresholds
– Automated preventive notification, pre-failure alerting, trend analysis, event correlation and root cause analysis
– User account administration, network devices and configuration, and change management
– Standard monthly reports, including network services reports and incident reports

There are many direct benefits to your organization when you use our Network Management services, for example:

– Trained and certified IT professionals manage your mission critical IT infrastructure
– Maximization of network performance and availability
– Reduced costs due to leveraged resources and staff
– No hiring, training or staff retention issues, which distract from your primary business
– Your investment is protected when we utilize customer-owned equipment or offer our standard network management suite

Service Level Agreements:
Multiple standard Service Level Agreements are offered for Network Management services.